4 Reasons Why Reputation Marketing in DC or Anywhere Is Vital For Business

The definition of Reputation Marketing encompasses two systems which has widely been utilized namely Reputation Monitoring and Reputation Management.  Both the latter have become obsolete.  Reputation Marketing is building a 5 Star Reputation online and leveraging that reputation to get more customers.

(LocalPartnershipJointMarketSolutions.WordPress.com — March 30, 2014)  Alexandria, Virginia, Washington, DC — In an attempt to clear up any confusion about Reputation Marketing and how it now encompasses the obsolete Reputation Monitoring and Reputation Management, award-winning internet marketing service business, Alexandria, VA based Local Partnership Joint Market Solutions, LLC (LPJM Solutions, LLC), founder Michael J. Larkin, commented on his professional views.  Illustrated by LPJM Solutions, presentation slides filled with the strategies and tactics that can give a better understanding of what Reputation Marketing truly is, and the sear economic values of the potential of a system operating correctly.

“What’s important to you about reputation in business?  What I mean is, from a scale of 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest, which on would you choose?

I hope you all chose 10 because never before has the low star review ranking, that you business earns, had a direct impact on your bottom line.

Reputation Marketing DC

LPJM Reputation Marketing

Think about something.  How many people now have smart phones?  A lot.  If 70% use their phone when reading your reviews when deciding to spend their money at you business, don’t you want to read 5 star reviews.  Maybe you do not have any review.  So, maybe your thinking, without any good or bad review, my business will be safe and I don’t need Reputation Marketing.  Think again:

LPJM Reputation Marketing DC

LPJM Reputation Marketing

Truly, if you know of a company that you like and they don’t have a Reputation Marketing system in place right now working for them, send them the link to this blog.

Specially, how is Reputation Marketing differ from Reputation Monitoring and Reputation Management?  This slide should produce some ‘Ah-ha moments’ right now.

LPJM Reputation Marketing

LPJM Reputation Marketing

We had divided up the system based on our partners needs.  Obviously if a small business has a tiny staff of under 5 people, they might opt not to include the Training Website complete with employee quiz.  We recommend that all employee take the training until they pass the quiz.  Those who repeatedly fail the quiz ought to take the training with a manager.

Now that the employees are on the same page, a survey with review page is added with question about the customer experience at the business complete with the customers being able to make 1 though 5 star and a review box.  Customers who only write a 5 star review will be given the chance to copy and paste this same review on to a review website like Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor and much more.  The reviews, less than 5 stars, they go to a managers or owners’ email inbox.  Employees doing a great job getting the most 5 stars to the business should be rewarded while the employees earning less than 5 stars will be dealt with accordingly.   That’s part of managing the reputation.

How does a business get the reviews?

LPJM Reputation Marketing DC

LPJM Reputation Marketing

On a daily basis, our expert staff keeps the pace with ensuring the proper filtration or 5 star reviews and reviews photos that are supposed to goes to reviews sites, photo sites, social media sites for all the world the see while alerting the boss.  The also make sure the those bad review or less than 5 stars never gets posted and goes the boss for fixing.

So the staff has a stake at telling the customers about the survey / review page.  But we design a Media Center complete with customize graphic or a professionally graphic photo with the company logo color included.  The media center anywhere would cost a minimum of $2,000.  We give up it if and only if we can agree on doing the system the right way.  QR codes is given along with the short Google web address on each sticker, table tent, flier, and much more in your Media Center.

The 4 step  to a 5 star reputation.  We each will:  1. Build the Reputation  2.  Marketing The Reputation (Media Center / Staff)  3.  Monitor and Engage (Our Staff / Automatic Systems)  4.  Training Staff (Educate and Inspire).

Well though reading this that are still engaged in a Monitoring and Management plan of attack, let me ask you something.  Does your business earn any profits monitoring?  Or does your business make and money managing?  Right, your business only increases funds by marketing.  You and your folks on your staff work hard at getting 5 star reviews.  At the people reading those reviews what to be you new customers.  I hope you are the one owner that benefits for this post.

I’ll sign off for now but until the next time we’ll meet…


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